Tony Duke M.I.H.P.E., MRSPH, MBAOT Training Consultant Update October 2018

- After 20 years training across the UK, Tony has now retired due to several factors, however he remains a professional consultant for Vitalyz Exercise and business partner to Zoe Duke, with a continuing interest in Seated Physical Activities for less able adults.

History - Tony began working in the Exercise and Fitness in the U.K. sector during the late 1990's, before directing his talents to the Health & Social Care Sector.

Qualified in a range of health & fitness subjects, he gained experience working with less able adults in different environments.

After working in various sport/health related roles, Tony became a Physiotherapy assistant at a local NHS facility, working with Dementia patients and clients with other mental and physical challenges.

This all inspired him to develop and promote simple ways of getting people with physical and/or mental challenges more active in a safe yet practical way based on the needs of the individual.

Eventually Tony developed the Seated Physical Activity (SPA) programme and this is the mainstay of ReVitalyz training today focussing on the benefits of physical and mental stimulation whilst ensuring it is FUN, both for learners and the people they care for! “It’s not always about the physical benefits of exercise or physical activities, as sometimes the psychological benefits are far more important.

When any of us (regardless of cognitive or physical ability) can manage some simple physical activity (exercise) it helps relax our minds and our bodies feel better too. Why should that feeling stop when a person is less able or living in a care setting?” Tony Duke