The ReVitalyzerUsing Resistance

Occupational Activity Training for Health and Social Care


Strength exercises build muscle, and even very small changes in muscle strength can make a real difference in your ability to perform everyday activities like walking, lifting a Cup, or getting up from a chair.


Introducing learners to a variety of Seated Physical Activities using Resistance Bands, which can be included in a Silver SPA session.

Practical group work re-enforces the learning process and  enables learners to deliver this activity straight away.

Learners will be encouraged to think about health & safety, risk assessments and appropriate record keeping for such activities.


Section 1–The Seated Physical Activities demonstrated in this ‘hands on’ section will allow learners to understand and experience a simple Seated Physical Activity routine, with the added bonus of resistance exercises all performed in a seated position. This ‘routine’ is supported by a selection of seated stretches which learners can use to promote flexibility and reduce risk of injury when performing resistance exercises.

As equipment is introduced, learners will be encouraged to think about health & safety when using items such as resistance bands & balls, as well as essential equipment hygiene and storage.


Section 2 –Practical section Learners will be given the opportunity to deliver basic Seated Physical Activities to each other using resistance bands with trainer /tutor support.


Suitable for:

Carers, HCSWs, Volunteers, social care management, healthcare professionals who have attended a Silver SPA workshop and sport/fitness professionals - to name but a few!

Those already working, (or intending to work) in residential nursing or day care environments with less able adults and/or seniors.

Because learners will be delivering a range of simple Seated Physical Activities, employers are recommended to notify their insurers that some people have received appropriate training.



In a relaxed atmosphere, and flexible learning style learners will:

• Develop a basic understanding of how and when to attempt the delivery of safe and appropriate seated physical activities using resistance bands, whilst considering the needs of the client.

• Explore a variety of ways of delivering a FUN, meaningful, and stimulating resistance based seated physical activity session.

• Gain an understanding of how and why to introduce simple, inexpensive equipment.

• Be encouraged to deliver these simple seated activities opportunistically.

• Receive comprehensive workshop notes, a Vitalyz stress ball, a certificate of attendance, and special rates on ReVitalyz equipment.

• Become motivated to use their new skills straight away!


Total cost-£795.00 per learner 10 learners

             £895.00 for up to 20 learners

This price excludes attending a silver SPA practical workshop