Compact SPA Workshops

The Compact SPA is a 2 for 1 option where Tony Duke (our senior trainer) delivers two compact SPA workshops in one day, enabling as many people as possible to get involved in the delivery of one-to-one or small in-house group sessions. 

A professionally designed 2 hr workshop to help learners understand the potential benefits of regular seated physical activities and how they can encourage movement, communication and social interaction.

Cost of the day: £895.00 (+travel*)

20 people trained for only £44.75 each

Compact Seated Physical Activities is at a level suitable for management, staff, relatives or volunteers and learners will:

•    Experience Seated Physical Activities to improve wellbeing

•    Understand why maintaining mobility is essential

•    Discuss ways to promote regular physical activity provision within a social care setting        (or at home, depending on your clients)

•    Explore health & safety when delivering activities

•    Be inspired to use what they have learnt and contribute to a programme of activities

•    Receive a Revitalyz certificate of attendance and workshop notes

Workshop specifics:

We require a suitably sized room where we won’t be disturbed and we need access to electricity for playing music.  Chairs are to be in a semi-circle (no tables in front) as this is practical learning experience.  

Trainer arrives by 9am to setup.  Workshop timings can be adjusted to suit shifts/timetables.

No.1     9.30 to11.30am OR 10am to 12noon  - up to maximum 10 people 

No.2     1 to 3pm OR 2 to 4pm - (same content) –up to maximum 10 different people

As each workshop lasts 2 hrs without a break, we suggest you supply tea/coffee as Tony will stay a while after each workshop for a chance to speak with learners who have any questions.

Across the UK, Revitalyz train a wide variety of people involved in health & social care including activity coordinators, HCSW’s, relatives, volunteers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and even fitness professionals because our training is designed to be

cost-effective, practical yet motivational for everyone!


*Please send us your venues postcode so we can provide a quotation.