Teaching Seated Physical Activities for 20 years, we help care teams understand & deliver seated physical activities and work towards a whole team approach.

We encourage regular, practical physical movement which can help maintain mobility and prolong independence in care settings.

To date we have trained    learners

Each learner will have delivered exercises to a minimum of 20 people after their training (probably an understatement)

Meaning we've touched the lives of at least people across the UK

Yes, that's Eighty Five Thousand and Eighty people, plus we're still training and the numbers are rising!

Our workshops are practical, achievable and cost effective ensuring health & wellbeing is a realistic goal in any caring environment.

Without the correct training how can you be sure the physical aspect of your activity programme is safe and effective ?

We motivate your team, enabling them to deliver Seated Physical Activities (aka: chair based exercise), understand the importance of simple yet effective mental & physical activities for those in their care and embrace the concept that any member of the care team can do this, not just the activity person/team.

ReVitalyz Seated Physical Activities (SPA) training  is a NAPA Recognised CPD Course featured in the NAPA Training Directory which only includes organisations known to NAPA and who have demonstrated they are dedicated to sharing and upholding the NAPA values